Breast-Feeding Vs. Bottle Feeding Is A Very Important Decision

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Breast-feeding vs. bottle feeding is a very important decision for new parents as well as a very hot topic of debate for most heath oriented communities. Most health, family and infant related communities and services such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Medical Association, the World Health Organization, etc. support and promote breast-feeding infants. Their suggestion urges mothers to at least breastfeed for the first few days after giving birth even if they decide to bottle feed their infant(s), so that the infant(s) can get the health benefits from the mother 's milk and also so that the mother can alleviate some of the pressure in her breasts from the milk production. Cost wise breast-feeding is more cost efficient…show more content…
There are benefits to the mother for both breast and bottle feeding. When a mother breastfeeds her infant for example, this allows for bonding between the parent and child which actually can help prevented postpartum depression in new mother 's. Breastfeeding also helps mothers to burn calories helps to shrink their uterus. This is beneficial in allowing new mothers to return to their previous weight and shape sooner and healthier. It also helps to decrease the risk of breast, uterine and ovarian cancer. Most mothers who breast feed also experience less postpartum bleeding. Some basic comfort issues of breast-feeding that are alleviate by bottle feeding is the soreness and is comfort that many new mothers feel during breast-feeding. This includes the "latch on" pain that lasts about a minute during every breast-feeding for the first week and also nipple soreness and swelling. Although breast milk is slightly healthier for an infant, good formulas can also offer the nutrients that an infant needs so it isn 't good to base the whole decision on this reason. This is not to say however that it is a menial reason. Cow 's milk can be allergenic to a lot of infants. It is also important to note
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