Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding

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Breastfeeding versus Formula Feeding
Your family is expecting a newborn baby within the next couple of months. This event in someone’s life will change their lives forever and can be a very exciting and exhausting change. Although you may be excited and impatient for the baby’s arrival, this event can cause a lot of stress on the family. While your lives are completely changing; there are things you need to do to prepare yourself and there are many important decisions that need to be made. Decisions need to be made regarding what you are going to name the baby, where you will deliver, how you will give birth, how you will feed your new baby, and the list continues to go on. I am expecting a baby in five months and the toughest
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Other than vitamin D, a healthy mother does not need any additional vitamins or nutritional supplements when breastfeeding. Breast milk does contain some vitamin D, but it may not provide your baby with an adequate amount that is needed. Vitamin D is essential for healthy growth and development. Vitamin D helps babies build strong, healthy teeth and bones (Mayo Clinic). Babies who do not receive an adequate amount of vitamin D are at risk of getting Rickets, a disease that affects the way bones grow and develop, causing them to soften and become weak.
Studies have shown that breast feeding may prevent against obesity while formula feeding may put a baby at high risk for obesity in the early years of life (Kids Health: from Nemours ). Also, with formula feeding, there is a possibility of the formula producing gas and constipation because the mother’s immune system is not passed on to the baby through formula like it is with breast milk (Braidwood).
Choosing whether to breast feed or formula feed can have an impact on the mother’s health and eating habits. A nursing mother will need to eat a variety of well balanced foods because she needs more daily calories. Formula feeding allows the mother to eat whatever she wants because she doesn’t require the extra daily calories or nutrients that nursing mothers do.
“Nursing mothers need to be careful
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