Breast Feeding vs Formula Essay

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Breast-feeding is nutritionally, emotionally and physically superior for a mother and her child. “Human breast milk is not standard nor is it interchangeable with cow’s milk. It is a dynamic fluid that changes in composition to meet the needs of the baby as it grows” (“Giving your Baby... Diet.” par. #10). Breast milk contains growth factors and antibodies which stimulate the growing baby and protect it from illness such as diarrhea, ear infections, rashes, allergies, asthma, skin problems, pneumonia, respiratory illness and other serious illnesses. Breast-feeding also improves a baby’s chance of remaining healthy. These antibodies are not found in formula. They can not be sustained. Breast-fed babies are also neurodevelopmentally more…show more content…
Brain processing is also faster (Georgieff, par. 23). “The Journal of the American Medical Association, reported that adults who as babies were breast-fed for seven months had higher IQ’s than those who were breast-fed for two weeks or less. A direct link may not exist between breast-fed babies and higher IQ’s, but a correlation, between the amount of time that a mother spends breast-feeding and the amount of time she will spend with her child as he grows up is defiantly indicated. If a mother is willing to devote herself to being the sole provider of food for her baby when he is young then perhaps she will spend more time one on one with him as he grows (Gupta, par. # 2&7). “One oft-cited advantage of breast-feeding is the bond it promotes between mother and baby.” (“Giving your Baby...Diet.” par. #10) “Nursing is a valuable source of security and comfort for your baby... Your and your baby comfort each other. Your baby regularly needs your breast milk and physical closeness and your full breasts regularly need to be emptied. Breast-feeding develops an intimate relationship that can deepen the bond between you and your baby” (Neifert, par #6). Even though breast milk is the best food that mothers can give to their babies, full of nutrition and components that help babies to grow strong and healthy, there are several brands of instant milk formulas adequate for supplying nutrition for an infant. Since all
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