Breast Implant Surgery

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According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, over 5 to 10 million women universally have breast implants. These medical devices aid in the enhancement of breast reconstruction after mastectomy procedures, correction of a hereditary irregularity, or cosmetic purposes. Most commonly known, implants are constructed of a filler, typically saline or silicone gel, and a silicone outer shell, to secure the shape of the insert. While this procedure is widely popular and has many benefits psychologically and physically, the first variations of implants possessed health risks and did not meet all routine standards of the 1976 Medical Device Amendments to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. That being said, no matter what surgical…show more content…
To patent the idea, Gerow partnered up with his colleague, Thomas Cronin, and made their ambitious idea become a reality. This version the breast implant was far more advanced than some of the original models, which were poorly constructed and required more upkeep than than the newly improved breast implantation insert. Esmerelda the surgeon’s first patient, was being monitored by Thomas Biggs, a junior resident in plastic surgery. Biggs research returned and he stated that the implant remained under the skin, until a few weeks later when the patient chewed up her stitches, since she was a dog. When Timmie Jean Lindsey arrived to the doctor in 1962 for a tattoo removal operation, she did not know she leave with an ego-boost, oh- and bigger boobs. Gerow asked Lindsey to be the first participant for a new procedure, the first version of silicone breast implants that had not yet been released. On short notice, the young lady accepted the offer, but requested that she have an operation done on her ears, with little discussion the doctors allowed her to have the procedure…show more content…
The FDA reviewed new breast implants through the 510(k) premarket notification process as it did other Class II products. This statement verifies that research has been conducted to ensure safety of breast implants, allowing individuals all over to feel comfortable about going through the procedure of a breast augmentation. Time, effort and accuracy has been put into the process over the last few decades, of accepting saline solution breast implants. The possibility of a fourth-generation is certainly in the process of being constructed, the medical industry continually improves and it would be an opportunity for significant benefits, enhancing the lives of
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