Breast and Ovarian Cancer Essay

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Persuasive Speech
Title: Breast and Ovarian Cancer
Purpose Statement: This speech has a primary goal of educating the audience and to give a better understanding of what breast cancer is and how it can be treated with detection by a vast variety of methods. It will also give better understanding that not only women but men also are susceptible to breast cancer.
I. Attention: There are a number of researches done about breast and ovarian cancer. Breast cancer is the second largest cause of death in women. Ovarian cancer is the fourth largest cause of death in women, but there isn’t a lot of attention brought to the public by the media. There needs to be more awareness about these types of cancers for better
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D. Approximately less than 1% of breast cancer occurs in men.
[Transition: Now that we have talked about what breast cancer is, let’s talk about what age it could develop.] II. What age is breast and ovarian cancer usually developed? A. The average age for breast cancer is over 50 and the average age for ovarian cancer is 65 or older. B. If you have a strong history of these cancers in your family there is a chance that you could test positive for a genetic mutation gene. 1. A genetic mutation gene is a gene that is passed from family member to family member; There are two types of these genes and one is called BRACA
Braca 1 is a mutation for breast cancer, which brings the percentage to a higher rate of getting the disease and getting it at a much younger age for men and women. 2. The other gene is called BRACA 2.
Braca 2 is a mutation for breast and ovarian cancer, which means not only is there higher risk of getting breast cancer but ovarian cancer also at a much younger age and for men this gene presents its self in the form of breast cancer and prostate cancer.
[Transition: Now that we know the age cancer could develop let’s talk about prevention.] III. What are the preventions for breast and ovarian cancers? A. The first prevention you can do is communication; Talking to your family and children lets them know what the family history is and what to be aware

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