Breastfeeding For The Pregnancy Of Breastfeeding Essay

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So, you use the crutch when you need to, but when you are just going to be sitting down and you don’t need the crutch, the same is for breastfeeding, you an breastfeed in the evenings, you can breastfeed at night, you can breastfeed on weekends. To try and make it more acceptable to them, especially if those are the barriers and they won’t even try. Usually the baby will win them over eventually.

Those are some of the thoughts that I had on that, but I think that teens are human beings, and socially, I see similar issues with twenty something’s and thirty somethings. It’s that they are busy, I have a life, I have to be able to do things. It’s just different things that they have got to do, but they are all busy and it’s hard to think how they are going to fit that in.

Interviewer: That is a really interesting point that you made about exclusive breastfeeding. This next question is about the duration of breastfeeding. We know that Brighter Beginnings is our partner, and we are looking at the Brighter Beginnings data, and we know that many young mothers initiate breastfeeding, and then discontinue very early on.

What facilitator is supporting prolonged exclusive breastfeeding exists, and how could these be multiplied? I want to say, I am thinking, from talking to you, that I should change this question and take out the exclusive and maybe have that be a separate thing. Does that make sense when you were saying that the exclusive messaging could be a barrier?

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