Breastfeeding Is A Controversial Topic Over The Years

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The practice of breastfeeding has become a very controversial topic over the years due to the creation of alternatives to breast milk, increase in working mothers, and other reasons. Much research shows that due to a variety of cultural, ethical, and economic reasons women should be encouraged to breastfeed for a specific duration of time, while others believe that this is unnecessary. Based on these three societal sectors, should women be encouraged to breastfeed? If so, for how long should they breastfeed? Since the beginning of humans/ mankind breastfeeding has been practiced by mothers. Stevens and colleagues (2009) tell us the following information (pp. 32-39): Since the beginning of humans’ life on Earth, there have always been a number of alternatives used to provide nutrients to infants. For example, in 2000 BC women fed animal milk to their children. More recently, in the 18th century many women were encouraged to stay home, breastfeed, and care for their children and husband (Stevens et al., 2009, 33). Some areas of the world even believed that breast milk provided the child with wisdom. Then in the 19th century, it was a common idea that women were only equipped to breastfeed if she had a good diet, exercised, and was mentally fit, but breastfeeding was highly encouraged. However, European women during this time had wet nurses, or other women that would breastfeed the child that wasn’t biologically theirs (p. 35). People soon began to realize that this was a

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