Breastfeeding Is The Most Nutritious Way For New Born Baby

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Background Information Breastfeeding is the most nutritious way for new born baby (Philip, 2011). Breastfeeding consist of many benefits and also related to the baby’s future health, hence, it is very important for parent to make decision whether or not to breastfeed their baby. The reason that breastfeeding is important because breast milk can decrease the risk of having ear infection and diarrhoea, and also stimulate a better health when they turn into adulthood (Shute, 2013). However, some of the mothers refuse to breastfeed their baby, especially for mothers who are first time breastfeeding. They feel worry and anxiety on breastfeeding because they scare they fail to success in breastfeed. So, in order to understand more about the mother’s feeling and thought, I had decided to conduct a qualitative experience on the lived experience on mother who first time breastfeeding. The research of Risenga and Lebese (2014) shows that first time breastfeeding is a challenge for the mother. This is because breastfeeding is coexisting among pleasant and pain. Breastfeeding baby is not an easy job because mother need to check their health condition. Some of the mothers have trouble with breastfeeding as they cannot get the baby to latch on the breast, and some of them reported that they did not produce enough milk for the baby. In addition, Mackean and Spragins (2012) also found out that breastfeed is challenging for mother. Some of the mothers have addicted in smoking
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