Breastfeeding Is The Oldest Style Of Feeding A Baby

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Breastfeeding is the oldest style of feeding a baby. It’s existed since the start of time. In fact, out of all the mammals that exist on this planet, each one of them nurses their babies, including humans. Recently, breastfeeding publically has been seen as indecent. Why would society frown on the most natural and beautiful act a mother can do for her child? Nearly daily women are asked to leave public places when they’re feeding their kids because someone believes it 's indecent or perverted, despite the efforts that are made to promote breastfeeding as positive. Breastfeeding isn 't indecent or perverted; but, several people assume it should be hidden and out of the general public eye. It’s a women’s right to nurse her child anyplace she feels fit. Breastfeeding publically is legal across the United States, however, widespread discrimination toward breastfeeding publically still exists. Moms should be able to breastfeed in a public place without being criticized about decency “because nursing a child offers endless benefits for mother and child.
In the U.S. laws are set up to help make it ok for women to breastfeed publically. Regardless of that law that exists, ladies feel reluctant and uncomfortable breastfeeding publically because of the social perspective of it being unreasonable or profane. Is it wrong to advise women who nurse publically to stop or leave? I think ladies shouldn 't need to be constrained to feeding her baby in a changing area or a restroom since she…
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