Breastfeeding Vs. Formula Nutrition

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As you get ready to welcome your baby and introduce her to this world, you are flooded with thoughts of how to take care of your little one in the best possible way. You find that motherhood is not only about loving and caring, it is also about making a few conscious decisions to help your child grow in a healthy manner. One such decision is whether to breastfeed your baby or to offer her formula nutrition.
Deciding between breastfeeding and formula nutrition is purely a personal choice. But as a mother you must remain aware of a few facts about both the feeding methods. Read on to know more about breastfeeding vs. formula nutrition.
Breast milk is the best food for your baby. The advantages of breastfeeding for your newborn are many.
Advantages for the baby
Breast milk provides all the necessary proteins, vitamins, sugar and fats essential for an infant’s growth
It also provides the required calcium necessary for the development of bones and teeth
Breast milk is easily digested and absorbed by the baby’s system
It leads to normal weight gain
Breast milk is always fresh and easily available whenever the baby needs it
Breastfeed is vital in the development of the infant’s immune system It acts as the baby’s natural defence against a lot of diseases like diarrhoea, anaemia, skin disease, meningitis, etc.
It contains infection fighting properties that offers protection against infections of the ear, urinary and respiratory tracts.
It acts as a deterrent against…
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