Breastfeeding in Public

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Breastfeeding in Pubic "Right" or Wrong Have you ever wondered what food is safe, effective, and readily assessable? That is engineered to individual needs, environmentally friendly, painless, offers long term protection, is free and as a side effect is a weight loss method? Could you imagine someone being discriminated against for using such a great product? Breastfeeding is the oldest form of feeding a child. It has existed since the beginning of time. In fact, out of all the mammals that exist on this planet, every one of them nurse their babies, including humans. Recently, breastfeeding in public has been seen as indecent. Why would society frown upon the most natural and beautiful act a mother can do for her child ? Almost…show more content…
Again, in the state of Ohio, a law took effect in 2005 that gives women the right to breastfeed children in any location of any public accommodation where she is allowed to be. Bonnie Morris thought that breastfeeding in public was her right, however; when she was asked to leave an American Eagle store, her rights were violated. “Unlike the models for fashion retailers, Bonnie Morris says she wasn’t showing any skin. The mother of five said she was discreetly nursing her child on a couch in American Eagle Outfitters store at Easton on Tuesday when employees approached her twice and then urged her to go to the dressing room. Morris said she told the clerk that she was fine on the couch. She said she was about to say the same thing to the next clerk but she didn’t get a chance. Morris said the clerk bent down with a very urgent tone in her voice, and said “No, we recommend it. Come with me now!” Morris said my choices were to leave the store or do what they said. It was clear” (Price, 2010) Not only are women being asked to leave retail stores, airplanes and, public places. They are being arrested. Simply for taking pictures of a time they want to remember in the life of their child . “Jacqueline Mercado, a 33-year-old Peruvian immigrant, took a few photos of her young child breastfeeding. A week later, Richardson police were rummaging through her
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