Breastfeeding vs. Bottle Feeding Essay

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Nutrition and breastfeeding are subjects that can relate greatly to each other. New mothers are in a need of information regarding breastfeeding. Mothers receive the information and instructions on how to breastfeed at the hospital where they bear their children. That information is essential in the decision making process of whether to breastfeed or not. Still the clear choice for mothers everywhere is breastfeeding for several important life affecting reasons. Breast milk is highly nutritional, protects from various diseases, ideal in growth, promotes bonding, and is beneficial for the mother in a recovery process after labor.

People tend to find other ways to feed the new born babies other then breastfeeding. That way is the usage
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The nutrients in breast milk are easy for your baby to digest and absorb. About ten days after the birth mothers start to develop the traditional milk that is high in antibodies and helpful germs.

Breast milk is rich in antibodies, which means infants are not going to catch a disease that easy. While breastfeeding, mothers are passing on immunities to their babies to fight various diseases. "The protein called, Soluble CD14, helps the production of B cells which are needed in production of antibodies." Only recently have the researchers finally started to understand the functions of that protein. Antibodies that are produced by CD14 prevent babies from catching diseases such as heart related diseases, Crohn's, Hodgkin's, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA), and Diabetes Mellitus. A study on a relationship between cancer and breastfeeding was made by professor Schwartzbaum, J. The professor researched on how breast milk prevents children from getting cancer earlier in life. The study shows that children that are breast fed for less then six months have a chance of getting cancer by age of fifteen. Childhood leukemia rate is also being reduced in children that are breastfed. This information was discovered by the University of Minnesota Cancer Center. Some believe that a higher IQ level in babies is cause by breastfeeding. Basically the report said the longer the child is breast fed the higher his//her IQ shall be,
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