Breat Cancer Screening Essay

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Current research shows mammograms are stronger than in the past. In a recent study it has confirmed that mammograms benefit for women in their forties and fifties. Women feel confident about the benefits that are associated with a regular mammograms for finding cancer early. However, mammograms can have their limitations. A mammogram will miss some cancers, and it sometimes can lead to follow up of findings that are not cancer that could include biopsies. Women should be told about the benefits, limitations, and potential harms that are linked with regular breast cancer screening. Mammograms can miss some cancers. But
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The purpose of having a screening mammography is to identify small breast cancer. The use of film mammography can be very hard to recognize breast cancer in younger women and women that may have dense breast tissue. This is because the women normal breast tissue have a density of carcinoma. It very difficult to tell which is normal and which could be carcinoma. There is an advantage to the film mammography where the contrast image of the breast can be modified and could allow the differences in the detection of the tissues.
According to the case study in the text it states that sixty six percent of all women and fifty one percent of women under age of fifty who has breast cancer will be identified by having a screening test (Fleming, 2008). From my research I found that having a

screening mammography is a very valuable tool in the detection of breast cancer especially if it is caught early in the stages to improve the survival rate. For women who get a screening after age the of fifty have a good chance of reducing the risk of death of breast cancer from twenty five to thirty percent and women age forty the data states a very positive chance of detecting breast cancer early and great chances of survival.
2. Are the breast cancer screening patient outcomes between the Case Study data results and the current data results that you identified better or worse? I feel that the case
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