Breathe Right Strips Essay

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Breath Right Strips

Introduction According to the text, Breathe Right Strips were invented by Bruce Johnson, a chronic nasal congestion sufferer. Mr. Johnson Brought his creation to CNS Inc. CNS took the product and primarily marketed it to sports teams, nasal sufferers and night-time snorers. The product really became prominent when Jerry Rice of the San Francisco 49ers wore the product in the Super Bowl. According to, Breathe Right Strips is also available in vapor strips, clear and tan strips, and nasal strips for kids. Some of the other products include nasal spray, throat spray, fiberchoice and a portable vaporizer. Armed with these few, but strong products in 1995 CNS, decided to go global.

Summary of the Facts
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Weaknesses are that the product is kept behind the counter of some international drug stores, thus limiting the exposure. The Universal Product Codes on packaging aren’t universal. The different governments may have different ways of reviewing the product, and can take a few weeks to a month to gain approval. The opportunity is that CNS has a product that may not withstand the test of time. The CNS Company may need to look at extending their product line beyond the strips, vaporizers and fiber tablets. They have such a limited product line. The biggest threat according to breathe right strips is a company called gin miller. According to, they have produced nasal dilatators that are reusable. The other threat is the income of developing countries. They may not have the disposable income to be able to buy the product.
The first recommendation is to implement at the end of stage one, an approval stage. Once the product is tested and gains approval, they should make sure that they have approval from the governments before the product launch. They should also take a look at expanding their product line to something that people are willing to pay their money for. They could find different groups to market the product to beyond athletes and snorers. There may be a market for the product to people who have more of a need for the product, such as asthma,
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