Breathing Under Water Analysis on Nick Andreas

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LuChinna Diaz
Nick Essay
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As a teenager we tend to focus more on relationship , and or crushes and who we associate with. We get so caught up in who we’re involved with we tend to get controlling, and care way too much. Almost like Nick Andreas in the novel “Breathing Underwater” by Alex Finn. This book shows that when you keep things in and grow feelings quickly it could impact your life. The main character in this book was Nick , he was the usually teenage kid , good grades , popular kid , he owned a car , and most importantly Nick had the girl of his dreams, Caitlin. Nick loved his girlfriend Caitlin and did anything for her, with the exception of some arguing and creative discussions, and some
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“I want to retake this class” (FLINN253). It may have took Nick a whole year to realize that one class and writing in a journal everyday wasn’t good enough for him to get better, and to grow stronger, but at least he owned up to his faults and is taking action for it. Finally , Nick changed from the beginning of the book of being insecure to more open was when he finally opened up to his best friend Tom. Nick and Tom stopped talking over the Caitlin incident and now that it’s a new year, and Caitlin’s gone they open up to each other and realize that through it all they will still remain the best of friends. For example Nick says to Tom “I want you to forgive me. “ Tom forgave him and picked up their friendship where it was left off at. Nick had his ups and downs throughout the entire book “ Breathing Underwater “ but has fought through it all and deciding to turn things around for the better. He’s slowly learning his lesson from Caitlin and his relationship when he realizes there could be way more consequences. He finally finds a way to stand up to his father and to let him know that what he was doing wasn’t okay and that it had to be put to a stop. Also he thought about re taking Mario’s class again next year, and remains friends with
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