`` Breed `` By Scott Spencer

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Having been given an assignment to write about a novel, my choice of it was determined by its genre and theme. I chose a recently published book “Breed” (2012) that was written under the pseudonym Chase Novak, a pen-name of author Scott Spencer. From the outset, I was curious why someone, after writing 10 novels and being famous, would change his name. What was his motive for creating a new name? The only logical explanation, that I see, is to explore the sense of writing in a new genre combining it with a certain theme of the modern world. Having been given a chose to select a novel by our own, I chose a contemporary literary work that I felt I would generally understand and could not only focus on, but also find myself connected to it. Being intrigued by the inside-train advertising signs introducing “Breed” primarily, and later by the resounding endorsement in the premise of this book by Stephen King, I trusted my instinct and the great master of horror, and I was willing to explore something new and was ready to be surprised.
The genre of this book is a modern-day novel of horror, mystery, thriller and suspense. The main theme it presents is issues in fertility treatment. The plot of the novel ties around a story of a wealthy couple, Alex and Leslie Twisden, from Manhattan’s Upper East Side. They have everything anyone can only dream of and more. But it turns out that they cannot have children. After lengthy, but unsuccessful, attempts to conceive a child with the help

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