Breeder Reactors: Clean and Plentiful Energy...Forever Essay

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Nuclear power is one of the most controversial topics of our time. In a time where people are looking more towards greener energy and towards a more plentiful supply of it, the nuclear breeder reactor comes to shine. A Nuclear Breeder Reactor works on the principal of taking waste from a normal reactor, and using it to make more energy. In such a reactor, what occurs is “Neutrons flying around in these reactors not only induce uranium-235 to split and release energy, but also convert non-fissile uranium-238 into fissile plutonium-239” (Webb). In most reactors, this dangerous, bomb-grade material would be thrown away. This waste is highly radioactive, and can remain so for many millennia. But instead, it can make even greater amounts of…show more content…
The price is about as equivalent to that of most other power plants, but those plants do not require the risk of the radioactivity of the nuclear plants. The nuclear plants require much cost for the safety of the facility, safety precautions that don’t need to be taken when dealing with a coal plant, fossil fuel, and other electricity producing plants. While many of these may be true, the costs are quickly paid for, and can be paid for even more quickly if the extent of the subject be studied and updated. Between 1995 and 2008, Nuclear power production costs have remained at the same level, while other power plants production costs have gone up. Nuclear power plants can produce a lot more electric per unit of fuel than other methods. This electricity can be sold cheap because it is plentiful and the upkeep is less. Nuclear plants do not need constant upkeep as do other methods. There, a cost is cut, putting more money back in a person’s pocket. Much of the costs paid for are the continued cost of safety concerns, as these reactors must be continuously watched in case of any dangerous leakages. When nuclear plants and breeder reactors fail, they can have very dangerous consequences. Who knows if a slight mistake like Chernobyl will happen? Chernobyl caused many people to absorb dangerous amounts of radiation. Also, events like Three Mile Island occur, when there are uncontrollable mechanical pieces that fail and ending up in a

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