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Breeder’s Own Pet Food Inc. Case Analysis CJ Class:Marketing Strategy September 06, 2014 Breeder’s Own Pet Foods, Inc. Case Analysis Case Recap Breeder’s Own Pet Foods, Inc. proposes to adopt a market penetration strategy due to having identified a growth opportunity in the dog food market, for its nutritionally balanced, high quality dog food brand, Breeder’s Mix. This premium product has been sold traditionally, to the show dog kennel market, but company executives are now convinced it can be repackaged and offered as a frozen premium product, to picky pet owners via general retail distribution channels. Since the product is considered premium, it should fetch premium prices because of its ingredients and its claimed benefits to…show more content…
With its lack of brand awareness, Breeder’s will face an uphill battle of convincing the market to purchase its heretofore unknown product. Root Problem Components The primary root problem components for this case are: Breeder’s establishing brand recognition, determining its true target market and convincing supermarkets of the viability and profitability of its product. Breeder’s will need to accomplish creation of brand recognition by pulling out all stops and creating an aggressive marketing strategy covering all traditional media outlets and new social media such as Twitter. Part of this media blitz must be a pricing strategy and information on the quality ingredients of the product. The company needs to evaluate who comprises its target market. Is the market the entire dog food market? The 10 percent that is currently purchasing frozen food or the 15% that would purchase if it were more convenient to do so? Currently consumers do not associate dog food with frozen food; but even if they did, the product may still not appeal to the average consumer due to time requirements for its preparation and thawing. Another component can be found in the requirement to convince the supermarkets to give up valuable freezer space to dog food. Freezer space is a high value commodity; giving up such space to a product that has a potentially small market in lieu of using the space for products for the wider

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