Breeder's Pet Food Case Study Essay

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Breeder’s Own Pet Foods Case Analysis
Arnell M. Carmichael
Bellevue University

MBA 652: Marketing Strategy
Professor Dr. Doug Brown

Case Recap
There are three main categories of dog food: dry, canned and treats. In 2011 the sales of dog food totaled somewhere in the arena of 14 billion dollars. Endeavoring to bring new dog food to an already established market can be a “daunting” task, especially when that particular dog food is frozen. Breeder’s Own Pet Foods as a whole has realized how diverse the dog food market is; however, brokers within this conglomerate believe that the true organic potential of this marketplace has yet to be “tapped” into effectively. With an ever-changing push toward becoming
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Effectively, Breeder’s Own Pet Foods will have to find an effectual manner in which it will overcome objections to frozen dog food, price of their food in contrast to their competition (350 various brands) , targeted geographic location and methodology they will utilize to successfully market their product to the world (Kerin & Peterson, 2013).
Identifying the Root Problem Components
The over-arching problem that Breeder’s Own Pet Foods has is which marketing-strategy would best serve as a vehicle for entry into the dog food retail business. Additionally, it has to select the most prominent geographic location (s) for distribution of its product. Another root problem component is how to get the supermarkets to stock and distribute this dog food since it is in the frozen category and may not appeal to traditional dog food buyers because they don’t readily associate dog food with frozen goods.
Since Breeder’s Own Pet Foods does not have any Brand Equity, they must win the “hearts and minds” of its consumers by performance, availability and pricing. To accomplish this feat, it must train the minds of its patrons to begin to shop in the frozen department for organic dog food. Without the latter two suggestions, Breeder’s Own Pet Foods may have unsuccessful

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