Brehm Preparatory School Mission

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This essay compares the stated mission of the Brehm Preparatory School with the actual mission of the School.
Brehm Preparatory School’s mission states that “Empowering students with complex learning disabilities and differences to recognize and optimize their full potential throughout their lives…by fostering a family environment where the educational, social, health, wellness, and emotional needs of each student are addressed through a focused, holistic program through a partnership among students, administration, faculty, staff, parents, the board, alumni, researchers and the professional community”.
Going through the history of how the School was founded one can state the passion and driving spirit to education of the founder, the mother Mrs.Carol Brehm, and her unlimited love to her son Tyson Brehm who had learning disabilities. All the development of the school that involve new buildings, increase in the staff quantity and capacity of taught students upto 100 people, kept the
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Students are empowered not only by the knowledge delivered but by the latest technology that is used all over the School territory. This includes cable free infrastructure, Apple laptops to each student with installed required software, digitized books for students with reading difficulties, Geometer’s think pad, and projectors and so on. The recognition of their full potential happens through providing the residential family life where they are given all the conditions of an ideal family routine, through the recreational activities, club and athletics. Here the emphasis is done on tier system which makes the kid enjoy the weekday or weekend occasion to spend with a fellow student for safety purposes. Because the school is dealing with the kids with certain disorders it is important that there is medical clinical support where each student is given medical, psychiatric and psychological help when
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