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Steve Bannon
Previous Editor of Breitbart News (alt-right). Contains Racist, misogynist and Islamophobic, and homophobic rhetoric
People, especially those affected mentioned above, are not happy with this appointment feeling the President does not care about them.
Headlines of Breitbart in printed document
Essentially got the President to demote the highest ranking military officer and the highest ranking intelligence officer so he could have a permanent seat on the council
This is problematic because he really should not be there. Positions , especially those of the National Security Council belong to qualified people who have the knowledge and experience to keep Americans safe and have the ability to advise the president on matters of national
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While generally this may not be a bad thing, Steve Bannon has taken this to the next level and has especially targeted the press.
He often attacks the press calling them “liberal” and pretty much blaming them for causing problems for the President. His statements further delegitimize the press at a time when the eye of the press is needed to keep the President in check
Breitbart News happens to be one of the only news organizations with a saved seat in the front row. In a press briefing, they asked Sean Spicer to further elaborate on the effects of the so called “fake news” outlets and how these outlets are making it harder for the White House - statistic on view of press in printed document
Bannon has reportedly been noted to have said he would like to see government fail and see system of politics. This does not bode well for Americans
Steve Bannon is part of the small but vocal group who are Islamophobic. However, he has very extreme views when it comes to Islam.
The covers on Breitbart news have been insulting and disparaging comments/generalizations about Muslims especially American
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There also reports saying that he supported blocking people from entering even if they had green cards.
Quotes in Printed document
Steve Bannon is also said to have views of white supremacy and with a cabinet that seems to be lacking in diversity this overall makes many Americans feel worse
He has also publish very controversial headlines outlining his views on race that make people very uncomfortable
Reince Priebus
Strong believer of marriage being between one man and one women - not exactly the biggest proponents of gay rights
Didn't exactly take a strong stance against Donald Trump when he talked about groping women.
Surprising because their was quite a few Republicans who immediately stepped forward to say the comments that Trump made were not acceptable.
Not supportive of women’s reproductive rights
Even when the Muslim Ban is pretty much unconstitutional he still supports it
He also seemed to suggest that more countries could be added to the list to block Muslims from coming to this country.
He claims this is really good for America but not everyone agrees.
Defends White House Statement on the Holocaust in which had no mention of Jews
Complaining that the Press is constantly trying to de-legitimize
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