Brenda Myers Powell And The Exploitation Of Prostitution

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Brenda Myers-Powell 25 Years of Prostitution:

Prostitution has always been a worldwide problem especially in Chicago, Illinois. The exploitation of prostitution seems to be one of many serious issues in inner-city Chicago. Some may ask the question as to “what changes occur in a woman’s life to make her want to live this type of lifestyle?” Are prostitutes always the victim or do some control their work, and even enjoy sex? After experiencing human trafficking, drug addiction, and prostitution for 25 years of her teenage and adult life, Brenda Myers-Powell’s life story answered those questions. She survived the harsh lifestyle of prostitution and serves as a mentor to the youth to prevent them from encountering the trauma she did for many years of her life. Brenda-Myers Powell was a former prostitute in Chicago, who had the bravery to share her story with the world. Brenda’s childhood was very challenging. She faced a massive amount of sentinel events such as growing up without a mom, physical abuse, and witnessing prostitution at an early age. Brenda’s mom died when she was just six months old, and she was left in the custody of her grandmother who had a severe drinking problem. By the time Brenda reached the age of four, she was frequently sexually abused by her grandmother’s drinking partners. Witnessing prostitution on a daily basis, she was sure that she would end up as a prostitute because of all the abuse she endured. At the age of 14, Brenda had two

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