Brendan And His Breaks: A Fictional Narrative

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Anthony was giving Brendan and I a hard time about his breaks. Every time we would give him a 15 minute break, he didn't want to take it. He kept on asking me when I was planning on giving him his lunch. I didn’t give him a time because last time I did that he argued with me, when I give it to him at a different time than I told him. I tried to give him his lunch 8 pm. He was mad and didn’t want to take it. He said he needs time to order food. I sent him to Gladys because he wasn’t listening to me. Unfortunately, she made me give him another call so he could order food. I disagreed but I still did it. 1 L stretchers were not done due to high volume from 9 pm - 11 pm. We were really busy this evening. Dialysis ran late tonight, which pushed
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