Brendon And Spencers: A Fictional Narrative

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Brendon leaned on his friend Jon's car waiting for him after the game. Brendon saw the kids from the northwestern hockey team come back out. Brendon quickly kneeled behind the car as he saw the boy with the brown wavy locks that Brendon oh so badly wanted to touch so badly according Spencer smith.

"And where do you think your going?" Ryan grabbing Brendon's arm. The boys cheek had become blue from the game.

"To my car" bredon said. He looked at the corner to his eye to see Jon and his friends coming out of the school.

"Really sweetheart, don't say crap about me if you're just going to your car" Ryan crossed his arms over his chest.

"Awh, did little hockey player get hur-

"Bren! Let's go Spencer mom wants him home fast!" Jon exclaimed.
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They all dumped their things in Spencer's room.

"Ross is such a douche" Brendon sighed laying down on Spencer's bed. "He did a whole coast to coast right babe?" Spencer asked Jon. Jon nodded at Spencer in agreement.

"You know he's actually really nice Bren, think about it" Spencer spoke

"Think about what, is he the asshole I'm gonna go on a double date with on Saturday?" Brendon asked Spencer. Spencer being scared of Brendon (usually never happens) snuggled into Jon's chest. Brendon rolled his eyes

"I'll see you tomorrow guys, pick me up Jon?"

"Mhm" Jon hummed to Brendon not really paying attention Brendon more paying attention to Spencer's legs.

"You wanna fuck or what" Brendon heard Spencer say after closing the door. Brendon started walking home and say a familiar boy with shaggy curly hair.

"Spencer in?"

"Yeah, but I wouldn't dude him and Jon they're fucking"

"When are they aren't, I'm Ryan by the way, Ryan Ross so I never formally introduced myself" Ryan smiled at the boy.

"Brendon,Brendon Urie" Brendon smiled. Ryan smiled "you wanna come to my house?" Ryan asked.

"Don't think you're gonna get me that easy Ross" Brendon laughed at
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