Brennan And Bakken: Article Analysis

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Literature Critique This literature critique reviews Brennan and Bakken’s article, “Nursing Needs Big Data and Big Data Needs Nursing” (Brennan & Bakken, 2015). Brennan is currently the National Program Director of Project Health Design involved in informatics and telehealth within the field of nursing. She has degrees in Nursing, Industrial Engineering and Health Systems Engineering. Bakken currently serves as Director of the Center for Evidence-based Practice in the Underserved. She has her master’s and doctoral degree in Nursing. Their combined experiences have placed them at a unique advantage in this area of “big data” within health care, making them the experts. The title is a true representation of the study, reviewing how data when interpreted can make a difference in patient care. This study utilized a qualitative approach, as stated within the article, by viewing the life experiences of the participants.
The introduction paragraph identities why big data and data science are linked to nursing. The information illustrates how massive amount of data can be utilizes within healthcare when resources come together. This
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477). The problem being that with such massive amounts of data the “traditional research approaches” (Brennan & Bakken, 2015, p. 477) are not effective and new data management techniques are needed. The proposed hypothesis or key premise of this article was plainly stated “that nursing needs big data and big data needs nursing” (Brennan & Bakken, 2015, p.477). The article goes on to explain how they will support their claim by drawing parallels between traditional medical research and how data science will assist with the data analysis and help employ changes that are essential to the nursing
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