Brent. The Second Interview

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Summary of Answers – Brent
The second interview involved a forty-five-minute discussion with Brent, a Senior Vice President of a core business function at Lowe’s. The interview was scheduled for sixty minutes, but it was cut short due to a pressing issue that required Brent’s immediate attention.
Brent is a twenty-five-year company veteran who started his career as a sales associate in a Lowe’s store while he completed his degree. He has since risen through the company ranks to the position of Senior Vice President. During his long career at Lowe’s, Brent has held numerous leadership positions, the majority of them in the store operations area of the company. Although I had worked with Brent before and even traveled with him and others on business, we never forged a personal relationship. Still, having familiarity with each other made for a more relaxing and meaningful discussion.
I met Brent at his office on Thursday, December 31 at 11:00 AM to conduct the interview. Interviewing Brent was overwhelming at first since it was conducted in the executive wing of the company, an area I rarely visit. Arriving at the executive wing, I was first greeted by two receptionists who pointed me to Brent’s administrative assistant. I announced my arrival to Brent’s administrative assistant who asked me to take a seat while Brent completed his prior meeting. Once Brent exited his office, he greeted me warmly and invited me into his office. Once inside, the gravity of the…
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