Brentwood Observation

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ok for my last observation i decided to go shopping on black Friday in brentwood. instead of going to my local best buy in Commack i went to brentwood to try and get a xbox one on sale. so i arrived at around 3:40 pm on Thursday to get their before the open at 5:00 pm, when i first arrived i saw a huge line of around forty to fifty people waiting in front of the best buy. and in front of them where metal fences that helped keep the line, and to keep order there where 6 security guards in yellow jackets making sure nothing got out of hand. while i was waiting online i started talking to man about 5’8, looked asian, and had short black hair. the man was wearing a black pea coat and under that a red shirt and a pair of blue jeans. so he initiated…show more content…
So i learned that the man was from Holtsville and worked in stony brook as a nurse, and that he was also into video games. so he mentioned that he plays a lot on his computer and so he was here to get a new laptop so thats when an man who looked like Fonzie if he aged 30 years and put on a little weight. The fake Fonzie started talking about how his son is always on his computer playing “league of legends” a game that you play online with friends or random people. Fake Fonzie reason for missing his thanksgiving dinner was because he wanted a computer for his kid so he wouldn't have to share his with his son and because it was a good deal. so I told them “no way everyones here for it”, so it got to the point when after 40 minutes the line doubled and a woman cut the line to ask a security guard “what are the chances you guys have the toshiba tv in stock’’ basically everybody on the line laughed the woman got slightly red and looked very embarrassed. after finally being able to go inside i went to the check out line and was able to get in and out in under 10 minutes because i really didn't want to be there for long so i wouldn't have to wait in a long check out
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