Bresnahan's Experiences With Disabilities

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people range from about a seven, eight, or nine… without my hearing aids, I'm about a one or two” (Bresnahan, 2015). He says he never remembers hearing, as he lost it when he was three due to genetic misfortunes. Each of his parents are actually missing a hearing gene, causing him to lose his hearing early in his childhood. He remembers struggling with the “four ears” names he got called when he walked into school every day with bulky hearing aids in his ears. Ignoring the social stigma of being disabled and unique, he began playing football during middle school and felt a sense of belonging. He made the varsity high school team as a freshman and did not let his disability change the way he played. Knowing the sport of football was brutal, he had to persuade his parents to keep letting him play. His parents feared the further damage that could be caused by the powerful hits football has. He graduated from UCLA playing football, and then joined the Minnesota Vikings for his first NFL team. He found his home when he joined the Seattle Seahawks. Coleman marks the third deaf player in NFL history, and later became the star of the Super Bowl. He built a foundation, and helped other disabled athletes of all ages and skill to feel like they were not alone. He built a community that practiced a “no…show more content…
It is people like William J. Stokoe and many special educators that change the way deaf and hard of hearing has an impact on our life. We belong now. With the hard work of Stokoe, the deaf community can now rely on a successful education which includes a bilingual mode of communication that leads to a bright future. Hearing impaired students can practice self-advocacy in order to thrive. Educators can practice simple models and strategies and provide key accommodations to extend the education experience for those who are hard of hearing or
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