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Artists interact with the events and issues of their time and place and this is shown with Australian artist Brett Whiteley’s artwork series called “the Christie series”. Some of Whiteley’s artworks include “Head of Christie”, “Christie and Hectoria McLennan”, “10 Rillington Place” and “Christie and Kathleen Maloney”. Brett Whiteley is an Australian artist paints his artworks in an abstract way. He was born on the 7th of April 1939 and he died on the 15 June 1992.Whiteley was a passionate artist who worked across a wide variety of media. Whiteley was a draughtsman, printmaker, sculptor and writer. His paintings during this time were influenced by the modern art of the sixties. He painted his wife Wendy in a series called “The Bathroom…show more content…
Beryl Evan’s who lived on the top floor with husband Timothy. Beryl had fallen pregnant with their second child and they couldn’t support it financially. Abortion was really expensive and they didn’t have the money to do it. Christie said he can do it cheaper and Beryl accepted it. He showed her medical books and used scientific talk to her. Christie really had no medical qualifications. Christie had killed Beryl by getting her to sit in the death chair (which was a deck chair) and he put a mask on her face which was like an oxygen mask. This was really connected to a gas supply which slowly killed her. The baby had survived mean while Beryl didn’t. Timothy Evans helped Christie move Beryl’s body into Mr. Kitchener’s empty flat. The next day Christie told Timothy that he was going to dispose Beryl’s body down a man hole. Two years had passed and the murder had been forgotten. In December 1952 Ethel Christie was in terrible health suffering from chronic arthritis. This was not helped by the damp conditions in her home. Christie thought he would put her out of her misery by asphyxiating her. He killed her the same way he had done to Beryl two years before. He continued to write letters to Ethel’s sister for her to believe Ethel was still alive. Now that he had his wife out of the way he could continue pursuing his strange obsession. Then in the next three months he had killed three prostitutes

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