Brexit : A National Identity In Europe

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A national identity for all nation states has become increasingly more difficult to define in the last 20 years. With the rise of technology and globalisation the European Union has been increasingly beneficial (not without its faults) for the countries within it. Especially when it comes to trade and freedom of movement in an area less than 100 years ago was ravaged with war. Brexit should have been a question of the UK’s position in the European union and the world. However, it caused a deep division around immigration and multiculturalism across class, age, socio-economic status and ethnic background. Timothy Oliver firmly believes that the UK need to fix its “identity crisis” before Brexit negotiations, whilst subtly suggesting that Brexit was a bad idea in the first place.
Oliver’s main argument is that Brexit occurred due to an identity crisis. Others may say internal conservative politics and the Tory party being torn apart actually lead to the vote and a British minority voted to change the face of the European union. Or the divide of cosmopolitan and nationals was too wide and this with the combination of the mainstream parties becoming out of touch with the public, gave birth to populist parties such as UKIP whose sole purpose is to cause discourse between the UK Europe and ultimately lead the leave campaign to a Brexit. Oliver puts a large emphasis on identity being the key to a successful Brexit but as Ashcroft and Bevier suggest Brexit was “about pluralism in
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