Breya-Personal Narrative

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The weeks went by slowly, as Breya’s condition became worse. Day by day she became weaker. They spent the last of their time together laying under the great pine, the sweet aroma and children’s laughter comforted the girls. Before long, Breya became too weak to walk, she had to stay home and rest. As her time grew shorter she could feel the life force being drained from her body; stealing every last bit of the little energy that was left. Her head had become so bare that she wore a beanie all the time, embarrassed her shiny scalp.
The chemo and radiation therapy hardly seemed worth the pain. She was sick all the time, spewing back up what little food she could force down. She didn’t like needle let alone ones that were shooting her full of
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She was one with the machines, all the tubes and wires running from her to the monitors. Wanting to let go, she knew she couldn’t leave just yet. She couldn’t leave her mother behind, yet she wouldn’t bare to make her mother suffer watching her by the bed day and night. It wasn’t healthy to sit here like that, if she wasn’t crying she was sleeping; exhausted from the countless hours of watching over her daughter. Breya pretended to sleep most of the time, it was too much to see the pain in her mother’s eyes, wanting her to leave and continue her life for the sake of living. Unable to form the words to make her go and not sure she could cope with being alone anyway, she let her mother stay for the sake of both their…show more content…
With every word she blinked back tears, heartbroken that this is how it ends. Putting on a hard face for her loved ones, Breya never shed a tear in front of her mother or Mabel. She had to be strong for them, show them there was nothing to fear. She did cry though, every time she was alone; she wailed and wept into her pillow. The fabric stained with the tears fallen for her mother, her life, and all that surrounded her. Scared of dying, she feared the afterlife; the unknown that she would be submitted to by force once her soul fled her body under her last breath. Worried for her mother, what would happen to her; would she leave her father, or fall into depression. The thought of her mother’s sorrow raised a heated feeling in Breya’s heart, she didn’t deserve for her life to crumble into pieces and watch her daughter slowly die. Having no clue what Mabel would do without her; would she be strong enough to go on, or perish in anguish all alone in the
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