Breyers Ice Cream Product Swot

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There is nothing better than treating yourself to your favorite Breyers ice cream on a warm summer day. Loosing yourself in the sweet creamy taste of real ice cream made with all natural ingredients. Whether you are enjoying Breyers all natural vanilla ice cream with birthday cake, having your favorite pie al a mode or just having your favorite flavor in a cup or cone it is undeniable that nothing is better than indulging into a sweet craving with Breyers. Breyers has been creating smiles and fulfilling family traditions for over 140 years. They continue to pride themselves on having a traditional ice cream recipe made with quality all natural ingredients such as real milk, cream, sugar, chocolate and fruit. Breyers is the oldest ice…show more content…
What differentiates Breyers from it’s competition is it’s “pledge of purity” or the guarantee that it’s product is made with the finest all natural ingredients available. Breyers ingredients are simple and easy to read which is great for health conscious consumers who like read the labels. Weaknesses Because Breyers is owned by Uniliver who also owns competing lines such as walls(blue ribbon), starbucks and Ben and Jerry’s, Breyers may never reach it’s full product potential because what it lacks uniliver offers in the competing lines. Breyers has a weakness in their packaging since it’s container size shrunk from a half gallon or 2quart size to only 1.5quarts and not all of their flavors are offered in pint sized containers. A variety of Breyers pint sized containers are not available in grocery stores due to the substantial amount of other ice creams that are offered in smaller packaging such as Ben and jerry’s. Breyers does not offer holiday flavors such as pumpkin pie, hot chocolate or peppermint like it’s competitor Edys, therefore taking away from their sails during the holidays. Another weakness is that Breyers does not have a yogurt ice cream option. Many women who are watching their weight are automatically drawn to the “yogurt” label because they are under the impression that is is better and healthier for them .A weakness for Breyers Breyers

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