Brian And Jessic Triangular Theory Of Love

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1. Background Brian and Jessica met about 2 years ago in NP and started dating about 1 year after they met. They are both 19 this year, Brian is a Year 2 in the course Engineering with Business Management Programme, while Jessica is in Mass Communication. The couple got to know one another as they are in the same CCA. They got closer when Brian was elected as Captain, and Jessica was elected as Vice-President. 2. Triangular Theory of Love Brian and Jessica meet almost everyday in the weekdays for lunch, and occasionally for dinner too. On Weekends, if they’re both free, they will go out on a date. When I asked Brian if he felt the time they see each other was sufficient, he told me that he would love to spend more time with Jessica, but their conflicting schedules were always a boundary in making solid plans to meet up and spend time together. Jessica, on the other hand, felt that the time spent together was just right, as she felt that having too much time spent together would make things boring, as they would run out of topics to talk about. When asked who puts in more effort in the relationship, Brian felt that they were quite equal. However, Jessica felt that Brian put in more effort than her, as most of the time, Brian is the one to set up their daily meetups. Jessica added that Brian has also ‘shared his long term goals in this relationship’. From the first two questions that I’ve asked the couple, it would seem that they definitely are committed to one another, as
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