Brian Eno's Furniture Music

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This traditional Eastern idea of living in harmony with nature contrasts sharply with the Western practice of control and manipulation of the environment,
The earliest precursor I can think of for Eno’s concept is Furniture Music, or Musique d’ameublement, by Erik Satie and Darius Milhaud, premiered in 1917. This is the first piece in history expressly designed not to be listened to. Apparently, Satie ran around among the audience at the first performance crying “don’t listen, don’t listen”, a difficult instruction to follow as the piece is quite interesting, and it is hard to ignore music being played right in front of you
Satie’s gesture fell flat, because the time wasn’t yet ripe for it. A proper “furniture music” had to wait until the invention
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The ideas of his predecessors as well as a profound expierence he had while recovering in a hospital from a serious accident led to the creation of a series of albums called Ambient series. . Making use of the given technological means Brian Eno in spirit with his contemporaries in exmperimental music used the studio equipment as a means to produce music from scratch. While the recording studio was regarded as a means of editing a finished piece Brian Eno used it in a creative way dGiven the editing capabilities of using tape recorders Berian Eno devised the "delay line system," an assemblage of tape recorders looped together, augmented by tone generators and various filin order to feed sound material both from environmental sounds and musical instruments.
The results of this process are variable. With the tape recorder creating sounds A tendency towards a class of goals rather than a particular goalGoaless behavior In this aspect
Variety and predictability
Cybernetics theory The variety of a system is the total range of its outputs, its total range of behavior. All organic systems in nature are probalistic: they exhibit variety, and an organs flexibility (its adaptability is a function of the amount of variety that it can generate. Evolutionary adaptation is a result of the interaction of this probalistic process with the demands of the environment. This notion influenced a lot Brian
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