Brian Kennedy: Need for Visual Literacy

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Brian Kennedy: Visual Literacy Why We Need It Brian Kennedy's thought-provoking analysis of visual literacy during his TEDxDartmouth presentation, Visual Literary: Why We Need It! during April, 2010 provides several compelling arguments for why and how visual literacy needs to be a universal language. His insightful analysis and examples of how everything, even language symbols, are images provides theoretical and pragmatic support for the core messages of his analysis. Further supporting the need for visual literacy in society and illustrating how visual literacy can impact and improve communication and global understanding, Brian Kennedy shows how these areas create a solid foundation for critical thinking, are multi-modal, interdisciplinary and multi-collaborative as well. What is most compelling about Brian Kennedy's insightful presentation is the fact that Visual Literacy unleashes an entirely different level of analysis, insight and streamline communication across a wide spectrum of channels. He convincingly shows how Visual Literacy can break down barriers of communication across a very wide spectrum of society, and that it is images that unite cultures, even more than languages. The overall premise of Brian Kennedy's presentation and his premise of Visual Literacy is the ability to create or construct meaning from images that transcend cultural boundaries. He also sees the need for creating an alphabet or grammar of visual literacy as well, concentrating on
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