Brian Robeson: The Horrible Plane Crash

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After the horrible plane crash, Brian Robeson is now stuck in the Canadian north woods, he didn’t have a lot of survival items with him. The most important items that could be more useful for Brian in the list I made previously are the container, the first aid kit, the insect repellant, the waterproof match and the chlorine dioxide water purification tablets. To start, the container would be a useful item for Brian because he could cook food with it. In chapter 10, Brian finds turtle eggs, and he had to eat them raw since he didn’t have a container to cook the eggs. Furthermore, eating raw eggs is not healthy, it can cause a salmonella infection, therefore the container would increase the chances of having an infection.To continue, a first…show more content…
Brian was very annoyed by the mosquitoes after he built the fire the mosquitoes stopped coming after him when he came near the fire or the shelter where the smoke eddied and swirled, the repellant could keep the mosquitoes away at anytime and anywhere. Fourthly, a waterproof match would be extremely useful for Brian because it’s easier to feed and it’s waterproof of course. To emphasize, in chapter 9, Brian builds a fire, by chapter 10 he realizes that the fire is hungry, by that he meant the fire needed more wood. In other words, the fire would die out without wood, fortunately, with a waterproof match, Brian wouldn’t need to get wood for the fire to stay alive, he just has to light the match. Furthermore, in the Canadian North woods, it could rain, and with that, the fire would die out. However, since the waterproof match is waterproof, rain wouldn’t make the fire die. Lastly, the chlorine dioxide water purification tablets are very advantageous in this situation because it will purify the lake water. Brian is currently drinking lake water, that water isn’t quite purified, by drinking that water it can cause gastrointestinal and stomach illness like

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