Brian Trent’s Article, Technology and Tomorrow: A Challenge to Liberty

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In Brian Trent’s article, Technology and Tomorrow: A Challenge to Liberty, Trent describes how electronic surveillance has increased and how it will continue to spread amongst people. In Craig Silverman’s article, Smile, Big Brother’s watching, Silverman explains that the amount of time and surveillance that corporations conduct over employees is increasing, but having some negative effects. Both of these articles explain how electronic surveillance will increase so much, that almost everyone will be able to be seen when not in the open [monitored]. In this essay I’ll be going more in depth to describe both articles and I’ll explain whether I agree with their arguments and why.

Brian Trent states that American’s embrace science and technology, but they also disagree with some of the materials those subjects create. Americans in general love technology because of the convenience it brings to their daily lives. For example, Trent describes how many people love their animals so much that they tag them just in case they ever end up lost. What he means by “ Tag” is basically they track their dogs. When a dog is found and taken to a pound, the Vet and even the average employee of the store can wave a device over the tracking piece and receive information on who the owner is. After that, the store employee can call the Owner and have them pick up their dog. Seems nice and really convenient, but when a human is tracked, almost everyone hates that invasion of their privacy.

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