Brian 's Altered Mental Health

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Brian’s altered mental health can potentially impact himself and his life. People with altered mental health tend to face stigma and discrimination attitudes towards them at some point of their journey. Studies have shown that these types of attitudes impact on their way of living as it can affect Brian’s own perspective, personal relationships and employment (Nordby, Kjonsberg & Hummeroll, 2010, p. 308; Reavley & Form, 2011, p. 1086-1091; Nithsdale, Davies & Croucher, 2008, pp. 178-181). He may feel ashamed of himself as he feels helpless and losses his control over his life. For example, other people may have to make the decisions and choices for him regarding his treatment, medications and future hospitalisations (Anderson, Fuhrer & Malla, 2013, p. 390). His relationships with other people may also be affected by his altered mental health. People around him may feel scared and avoid him completely. It may affect him negatively especially if a person in his family will show those attitudes when he is around. As most of the media reports on people with psychosis are unpredictable, dangerous and violent (Reavley & Jorm, 2011, p. 1091). Lastly, he may face stigmatising and discriminating attitudes towards him at work. Employers and employees may treat him differently by giving him hard labour work, restricted duties, refusing time off for medical appointments and advising them to quit. These attitudes may show the lack of knowledge and understanding on mental health. Also, it…
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