Brian State Of Health Case Study

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Describe Brian’s current state of health and indicate what conclusion the GP would make. Justify the advice that would be given to him in terms of self management and possible treatments.

From Brian’s check up with the GP, we are able to make a few inferences regarding his current state of health. Brian is a 58 year old man, working as an accounts manager, who has reported being breathless after climbing 1 flight of stairs. His family history shows a trend of premature death from cardiac arrest in his Uncle and father. He is 1.68m tall and maintains a stable weight of 96kg, from which we can calculate his BMI to be 34kg/m2. Despite being a non-smoker, the patient described his exercise level as low. This paired with his low activity job makes leads us to assume his PAL is low. The GP ran common health check tests to help them conjecture towards the nature of his problem. The patients’ blood pressure was 164/92. He had a fasting blood glucose of 8.3mmol/l and a UDL cholesterol level of 0.87mmol/l. From this information we can identify issues within Brain’s state of health.


As said previouly, Brian told the GP he takes very little exercise. Exercise has been clinically proven to improve various physiological systems, such as the Cardiovascular, skeletal muscle and metabloic (Kenney and Larry, 2015 and Gillen and Gibala, 2013). As little as moderate exercise has been said to reduce the risk of developing disorders and diseases such as Heart disease and even
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