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Brianna Ruiz-Vannerson Leonard Miller ENC1102 Feb. 23 2017 The Compelling Mind of Edgar Allan Poe Through: “Lenore” and “The Raven” Throughout the life of esteemed author Edgar Allan Poe, there have been many time that this extraordinary man’s life has been turned upside down with grief. His first encounter with this wretched demon was when he was no older than three years of age. The mother who birthed him dies and his father abandons them before her death (“Edgar Allan Poe”). He then is separated from his brother and sister, William and Rosalie, and place with a family who is not his own (“Edgar Allan Poe”). He had grown quite an attachment to his foster mother only for her to die when he was around age 20. He had tried desperately to…show more content…
Poe struggled a good amount of his life and what came from that struggle was his brilliant works. After enduring much research on Edgar Allan Poe, a reader may find that this extraordinary man suffered an extraordinary amount of grief, and most likely abandonment issues, in his life starting with his mother and ending with the love of his life and therefore birthing his amazing gifts for future generations. Moving onto his timeless piece of work entitled “Lenore” it is found in research that this was written during the time of his beloved wife’s passing. Research that a man by the name of Thomas O. Mabbott underwent came up with this: there was no other work of Poe’s that had given him so much trouble as that of the poem “Lenore.” Poe viewed it to be like the poem “A Paean,” the most ill-fated poem amongst the rest of his poems of 1831 (Mabbott). Poe worked on this poem for many years ranging from 1831 through 1836 and changed the named it “Lenore” when he had finally found it to be perfect. In the poem Poe writes “A dirge for the most lovely dead That ever died so young! (Poe)” some may think that he is referring to his love Virginia after her mournful death. When Poe writes “Yon heir, whose cheeks of pallid hue, With tears are streaming wet, Sees only, through Their crocodile dew” (Poe) he is speaking of those who are mourning her death but are really insincere in their tears. Yon heir is a far away person who is entitled to something owed to them. In this

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