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Brianna Sparks Mr. Zingale, Mr. Lehman US History, Language Arts 13 March 2017 Executive Order 13769 “ My family and I have always dreamed of coming to the United States and accomplishing our dreams here. My family put in all of their investments and financial resources to allow me to come here and make things happen. We are treated like we’re terrorists, as if we want to cause trouble when above all we just want to make the United States a better place—contributing whether it’s through research, studying, or entrepreneurship,” Raya Bidshahri, a student at Boston University tells how President Trump’s Executive Order 13796 affects herself and her family (Lewin). Our Founding Fathers established the Constitution, in addition with the…show more content…
Trump’s Executive Order 13769 prohibit Syrian refugees and lawful immigrants coming from the seven Muslim countries has caused chaos throughout our nation. Immigrants with lawful visas were detained on their travel to the US while the flights were cancelled for those who strived to fly to America. Under the Constitution and laws, this Executive Order is unconstitutional. While it is true that foreign nationals involved in the 9/11 attack, the Executive Order targeted countries that have not killed a single American. As a matter of fact, the ones that involved in the 9/11 attack were 15 people from Sudis, 2 United Arab Emirates men, 1 from Egypt, and 1 from Lebanon (Roosevelt). Strangely enough, Trump banned the countries in which he doesn’t have economic relationship with; however, the countries that have business links to Trump are excluded from the immigration ban list (Hincks). Because of this, the Executive Order doesn’t necessarily abate terrorist threats, for Trump choose the wrong countries to put on his ban list. The Order violated the fifth amendment by “targeting individuals for discriminatory treatment based on their country of origin and/or religion, without lawful justification,” as stated in the US Constitution

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