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Bryan Jaeger Business and Ethics UI400-01 April 20, 2015 International Business and Bribery Have you ever bribed someone to let you do something that you weren’t allowed to do? As much as I hate to admit to it, I have done it my fair share of times. Bribery can be a good or bad thing depending on the situation and how the bribe is used. No matter what I believe that bribery can usually lead to bad consequences. Though it can happen for just small things such as slipping someone a 20 dollar bill to get you into a club, it can also happen in big corporations that are involved in international business. If they are discovered by the government these big companies will pretty much lose everything. For example, “In February of 1975, Eli…show more content…
Pretty much in simpler terms this is completely wrong and unjustified to comprise citizens’ rights just for some money or tax breaks. It is all about supply and demand with corporations and government officials. Corruption also has its supply and demand side. The corporations are supplying the bribes to get stuff cheaper for them and the officials of the government are demanding these bribes because they are greedy. The problem with this whole thing is every attempt the government makes they only are able to attack one side of the corruption. Every time they come out with a new law or a new act it is only focused on one side of the problem. According to Hess and Dunfee, “An effective anticorruption system requires a variety of measures attacking all sides” (Arnold, Beauchamp, and Bowie 577). They have to fight it from both sides are it will surely fail. Even if the corporations stopped supplying the bribes the government officials would demand them to continue because they enjoy the benefits of bribes. On the other hand if the government officials tried to stop demanding bribes, the corporations would just increase their bribes to get them to continue to take them. This overall corruption between government officials and corporations are hurting human rights. Throughout the world there are a lot of international human rights

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