Bribes And Threats From Beyond Discipline Summary

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Chapter Three, entitled Bribes and Threats, from Beyond Discipline discussed many different tools such as coercion, punishment, and rewards being used for disciplining. These specific tools are counterintuitive and result in temporary compliance or even sometimes extreme behaviors. Because of these tools being used, it leads to disastrous outcomes and makes the teachers and schools uninviting and unproductive. One idea, I agree with, from Chapter Three discussed how punishment hinders ethical development. Before students act out or do something bad, they think about what consequences they might face for such actions. This “suggests a disturbingly primitive level of moral development, yet it is our use of punishment that causes kids to get stuck there” (p. 29). I could not agree more with this sentence. I remember as a child thinking about doing something bad and the consequences that might result. I remember how I typically would do the “bad” thing because either I would not get caught or I could take the consequences. However, the book suggests getting children to think about the consequences of their misbehaviors is not effective and does not instill better values or awareness of others’ needs. Because of this, we as educators must…show more content…
It discussed comments or gushing offered by teachers to a student. Not only are the teachers rewarding the student in front of their peers, but they are also encouraging competition among others. I had never thought about such praise being negative or controlling. I see this all the time in classrooms I observe and even classes I have been in as a college student. However, after reading this chapter it makes sense that it actually is negative and can cause serious problems among the students. I wish more educators understood this idea and did not continue to express such praises and comments to their
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