Brick and Mortar Retail vs. E-Commerce. What Is the Solution?

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Brick and Mortar Retail vs. E-commerce
What is the Solution?
1. Executive Summary Although the recent development of the Internet has skyrocketed business sales for the average e-commerce company, there are many advantages that they are missing out on that a brick and mortar organization can provide. So where is the ultimate middle-ground a firm can search for when aspiring to provide quality products and quality customer service in the most efficient way? The following is a discussion on the differences between brick and mortar retail and e-commerce followed by a description of what the final solution is to solve this problem.
2. Introduction In a world where technology is changing every day, traditional businesses are becoming
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This convenience gives consumers immediate feedback on exactly what they are looking for at the precise time. Second, e-commerce offers sellers an opportunity to reduce costs while at the same time provide market expansion since e-commerce is open to anyone with access to the Internet. E-commerce minimizes the need for a physical store as well as the need for staff members; thus reducing overall labor expenses. “Internet technologies also permit sellers to track the interests and preferences of their customers with the customer’s permission and then use this information to build an ongoing relationship with the customer by customizing products and services to meet the customer’s needs” (E-commerce advantages). Not only has e-commerce exploded over the past decade, but year after year, organizations are reaping the benefits of profitable earnings and successful customer service due to their ongoing ability to satisfy needs via the Internet. A fourth advantage e-commerce presents is lower transaction costs. The reason for this is because e-commerce employs an automated order tracking and billing system, therefore, allowing consumers to oversee the entire business cycle from ordering, building, shipping, etc. For example, Dell tracks each computer through the entire manufacturing and shipping process, thus, allowing customer to see exactly where their order is at any given time

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