Bridal Ballad Thesis

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Do we settle in life; do we choose to be happy with things we truly know will not make use happy? Do we just look for what will pacify or need and wants, or do we truly seek out happiness in life? What do we seek in life, happiness or a pacifier? Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Bridal Ballad explains the phenomenon of people’s ability to convince themselves of a reality, that simply does not exist. Poe's own life experiences helped to build the foundation behind this poem, assisting with the breakdown of the poem the theme of the poem The Bridal Ballad some of which are obvious and others not as much. Poe is known for his immaculate use of literary devices. Edgar Allan Poe was able to get his point across beautifully; he truly makes the point to…show more content…
He then moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where he began working for as magazine editor, also stated by Bagert. He lived with his aunt Maria Poe Clemm, and eventually married her daughter Virginia, who was thirty years old, although Poe was twenty-seven, said Bagert. He later moved the whole family to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, according to Sova. Poe’s wife became ill and passed away after ten years of marriage, in 1847, said Bagert. After her death he pursued an old girlfriend named Elmira Royster, who was recently widowed and was very wealthy, according to Bagert. Bagert states that his first literacy form was, The Raven and Other Poems, which had, the today’s wildly famous poem, The Raven. Bagert said, Edgar Allan Poe also suffered from a severe drug addiction Poe’s drug addiction, which showed threw in his writing.
Edgar Allan Poe passed away on October 7th, 1849 in Baltimore, Maryland, said Bagert. He had become ill and was hospitalized, he had become delirious and would threw fits for hours while going in and out of consciousness Bagert continued. On the early Sunday morning of October 7th, 1849, at three o’clock in the morning, Poe awakens and stated “Lord help my poor soul!” and then passed away, said Bagert. According to, Bagert, Poe is buried in the Westminster Hall and Burying Grounds in Baltimore,
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Happiness is something that does not just appear happiness is something we desire, it is something we feel we need, happiness is something we hunt for our entire lives. When we are babies we play with our mom’s hair and it makes us laugh and smile; when we are kids we play on playgrounds and played sports; and as adults we seek happiness through our work, spouses, and children. However, we still choose to convince ourselves of our happiness. Why? The answer is unknown; maybe it is because we do not want to hurt someone’s feelings, we are scared to try new things, or we are scared to get outside of our “box”. I learned in an anatomy and physiology class, happiness is there release of a chemical response in the brain called endorphins. Endorphins are the “pleasure center” in the brain, when the “pleasure center lights up” it releases endorphins. Endorphins gives the same feeling a sedative, it is the feel good hormone, in response to things like food, exercise, and sex. Endorphins are released with food because food can be very satisfying; which is why when taking a bite of chocolate cake, we respond with, yum! Exercise releases endorphins because it priory’s the body to feel good and not feel pain so you can therefore push your body further. Endorphins are released before, during, a and even after sex because it taps into every pleasure center in the brain, endorphins released with sex are referred to as the love
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