Bride Burning, Murders and Dowry Pressure in India

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Jordan Lamb
October 13, 2010
Research Paper Outline

Bride Burning, Murders and Dowry Pressure in India

I. Women in India are exposed to heinous acts of abuse. A. Women in India have become victims of human rights abuse. B. Different components of Bride-Burning

II. Extent of the Problem A. Statistical Analysis of the number of Dowry Related deaths B. Under Reporting of Cases C. Inconsistencies between police reports and Victim Accounts D. Dowry Pressure leads to Suicide for some dowry harassed victims

III. Causative Dynamics in Bride Burning A. Rigidity of Divorce law B. Maintenance of Socioeconomic Status C. Unemployment and poverty of Husband and In-laws a. Violence correlation to survival
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Not only do the women feel the pressures of dowry, but their parent’s and families feel the brunt of the formidable pressure as well. Because of this, parents view their daughters as a burden (Kishawr, 2005). Increasingly families in India have more of a desire to birth sons instead of daughters. Umar (1998,) explains this dynamic further saying, “Indian social system give considerable importance to the birth of a male child. Unlike a daughter who must change loyalties after marriage a son is considered to be a good investment and insurance for the future”. In an instance where woman who is already pressured by inadequate dowry, does not birth a son, she will oftentimes be murdered, and if not murdered, compelled to commit suicide. There are several concerns that breed bride burning. In his vigilant study, Umar (1998) examines the causative factors leading to harassment, violence and ultimately bride burning of Indian women in their matrimonial homes. He discusses three main causes of the issue, the rigidity of the divorce law, maintenance of socioeconomic status for Indian families and economic inequality in relation to poverty of husband and In-laws. In India, marriage is considered the foundation of social formation and is heavily based on Hindu religious traditions. According to Umar (1998), Shastric Hindu Law considered marriage to be unbreakable and eternal. The belief that divorce is unacceptable stems from this religious tradition. There have however,

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