Bride Price In Uganda.A Common Custom In Uganda Requires

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Bride Price in Uganda A common custom in Uganda requires a man to pay his wife’s family in livestock and land to show that he is worthy of her. This custom is known as bride price. Though an ongoing practice, bride price has been ruled as a human rights violation because women are being treated as objects rather than people. Bride price should be discontinued because it is linked to abusive relationships and is inhumane.
There is a chance to learn how best marriage hopefuls can organize their celebrations or what sort of gifts they may consider asking for. But a key highlight in these shows, especially those about Kwangju, is the property the groom gives to the bride cars,
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The practice is particularly entrenched among some Ugandan ethnic groups, especially in western, east and northern areas of the country. The negotiations over payment take place between male representatives of the two families, women are not allowed to take part. According to UN figures, an estimated 40% of girls in Uganda are married before they are 18, with eastern and northern Uganda registering the highest number of child marriages (Al Jazeera). A major reason for the high number is understood to be because parents, particularly poorer parents, want to get the bride price. Schiller says the new ruling breaks the chain that has trapped women in relationships they want to leave, empowering them to walk away if a marriage fails. “We have met women who say my father has already used those cows and my parents are poor. I am staying here to protect them,” says Schiller. Because they have commercialized this aspect, people now reach the extent of borrowing a vehicle and presenting it as bride price, and then telling the parents of the girl, you give it back, she says. This is the way to go; it is progressive; it is civilized and will many couples to be able to formalize their marriages.

In June last year, the eastern Uganda district of Butaleja passed its own law making it illegal to demand refund of the bride price, or to deny a woman burial on account of non-payment of the bride

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