Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc.

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Executive Summary Bridgestone Americas Holding, Inc, hereinafter, will be referred to as Bridgestone. Bridgestone is a well-established corporation in the business of selling varied tire and rubber products to markets all over the world. In this marketing plan, we are focusing on mostly the tire part of the business, which accounts for the majority of Bridgestone’s sales revenues and the effect of customer service centers. In this marketing plan, we have outlined specific financial, as well as non-financial goals and ways to help implement these goals and reach projected quotas. We feel that because Bridgestone is such a large corporation, with a large amount of capital, as well as being well- established in the tire industry, it…show more content…
It is one of the leading tire producers in the world, but there is still competition, and the way to get ahead is to offer consumers new products that are more cost-efficient, safe, and durable, with good warranties and convenient and available help provided by service centers when needed. Bridgestone needs to expand its number of company-based stores that are located within America. It also needs to establish new markets every year, both geographic ones throughout the world, but also with new demographics, such as younger generations. Bridgestone offers quality tires, while remaining at low, competitive prices and that is what has attracted its customers for years. It has a wide consumer base as it is, and revenue is in the millions, but there are always way to improve and make its products available to more people worldwide. Bridgestone Americas Holding Inc. has such an extensive background, with strengths coming from both sides of the merger in 1990 between Japan’s Bridgestone Company and America’s Firestone Company. The merger created a huge advantage for Bridgestone in the international market. They were automatically global. Bridgestone also has an advantage because they have been in the tire industry for a very long time. Currently, Bridgestone’s revenue is $20,678 million dollars. Bridgestone is in control of 34% of the total tire industry. Situation Analysis: Pneumatic Tire Market Segmentation: The market is segmented on the
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