Bridging Cross Cultural Communication With Pictographs

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Introduction The six students in the Asian Learning Center had the opportunity to intern at Neighborhood House. Each of students was given the privilege to work in different departments. The six students were able to work in the Food Market together to assist clients with assessments in the intake room. The opportunity to work together in the Food Market, gave us the opportunity to share similar experiences with clients; the six students decided to focus their research project on the Food Market. There were obstructs that happened in the group, but the support from instructor Ellen Holmen strengthen the group relationship. All the group member worked side by side to accomplish the research project long journey. The topic of the group project was Bridging Cross Cultural Communication with Pictographs. There were six group members; Rema Absey, Narsa Suleman, Youa Chang, Venessa Bjork, Jennie Labbs, and Heather Moenck. The division of labor was divided equally among all group members. Each of the group members took part of developing the sections; introduction, literature review, finding, analysis/discussion, and discussion. There were two sections; state the problem and methodology that was disbursed differently. Group member Youa and Heather worked on to state the problem together. The other four groups member Rema, Narsa, Venessa, and Jennie worked on the section methodology together. All the group members worked as a team to revise the draft research project paper

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