Brief Account Of The Life And Invention Of Lewis Frederick Urry

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The aim of this report is to give a brief account of the life and invention of Lewis Frederick Urry. As the subject of my report, a literature search was carried out to identify facts and relevant information. Lewis Frederick Urry became a Chemical engineer in the 1950 and was the very first person to fabricate alkaline batteries. In conclusion he made a significant contribution in the field electrochemistry and battery technology in the 20th century.


Many objects that we use on a day to day basis are powered by batteries. A battery is a device that is able to store electrical energy in the form of chemical energy, and convert that energy into electricity. It is composed of two terminals made of different chemicals (typically metals), the anode and the cathode and the electrolyte which is a chemical medium that allows the flow of electrical charge between the cathode and anode (School Of Engineering,2012). The concept of a battery originated from an Italian physicist known as Alessandro Volta who was able come up with the “Voltaic Pile”, which was the very first battery that produced a steady current of electricity (Following the Path of Discovery, 2003). However, after this concept was introduced, the batteries that were made and used, delivered a finite amount of energy, which created the need to invent batteries that were able to last long. In the 20th century, a Canadian chemical engineer, named Lewis Frederick Urry, solved this arising problem by…
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